2022-2023 Club Fees

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TKO Premier 2022-2023

Annual Club Fees


Upon acceptance with a 2022-2023 TKO Premier SC Team, a $100 commitment fee will be due for all WYMSA & Trapped Teams and a $200 commitment fee will be due for all Directors Academy, Premier, and National League Teams. You will receive an online packet detailing your specific payment schedule for annual Club Fees and walking you through the payment process.


Si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita información adicional, contacte a Heather Cañenguez - heather.canenguez@tkopremier.org.

Team/Level of Play Annual Club Fee Commitment Fee
WMYSA/Select Teams$625$100
Directors Academy$1150$200
MSPSP (Premier) full year$1400$200
MSPSP (Premier) Boys (spring only)$900$200
MSPSP (Premier) Girls (fall only)$900$200
NLC/National League (full year)$1450$200
NLC/National League Boys (spring only)$950$200
NLC/National League Girls (fall only)$950$200
Fall Boys Trapped Team (8th Graders)$325$100
Spring Girls Trapped Team (8th Graders)$325$100

2022-2023 Club Payment Schedule

TKO Premier SC offers families the option to pay the entire Club Fee at the beginning of the season or on a payment plan. The payment plan dates are detailed below and amounts vary based on the league.

Financial assistance is available - learn more about our Financial Assistance program HERE. All Financial assistance applications are due by July 15, 2022.

LeagueFeesCommitment Fee8/15/229/15/2210/15/2211/15/221/15/232/15/23
WMYSA Teams$625$100$175.00$175.00$175.00
Director's Academy$1,150$200$237.50$237.50$237.50$237.50
MSPSP (Premier) - Full Year$1,400$200$300.00$300.00$300.00$300.00
MSPSP (Premier) Boys - Spring Only$900$200$233.34$233.33$233.33
MSPSP (Premier) Girls - Fall Only$900$200$233.34$233.33$233.33
NLC Full Year $1,450$200$312.50$312.50$312.50$312.50
NLC Boys - Spring Only$950$200$250.00$250.00$250.00
NLC Girls - Fall Only$950$200$250.00$250.00$250.00
2008 “Trapped” 8th grade Boys - Fall Only$325$100$112.50$112.50
2008 “Trapped” 8th grade Girls - Spring Only$325$100$112.50$112.50