TKO Premier SC Open Trainings

2023-2024 Season

TKO Premier SC will hold open trainings the week before Tryouts at the
Kalamazoo Soccer Complex on Drake Road.

TKO Premier SC open trainings are open to all players that want to see what TKO SC Premier is all about! No registration necessary - just show up at the specified Date/Times for your player's age group. Time will be set aside at the end of the trainings for parents to meet the coaches.


Si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita información adicional, contacte a Heather Cañenguez -

Boys Open Trainings

Birth YearGenderDayDateTimeField
2016BoysMondayJune 5th5:30-7:00 PM Field 1
2015BoysMondayJune 5th5:30-7:00 PMField 2
2014BoysTuesdayJune 6th7:00-8:30 PMField 7
2013BoysMondayJune 5th5:30-7:00 PMField 7
2012BoysTuesdayJune 6th7:00-8:30 PMField 2
2011BoysThursdayJune 8th5:30-7:00 PMField 6
2010BoysTuesdayJune 6th5:30-7:00 PM Filed 7
2009BoysThursdayJune 8th5:30-7:00 PMField 6
2008BoysTuesdayJune 6th5:30-7:00 PMField 8
2007BoysTuesdayJune 6th7:00-8:30 PM Field 8
2005/2006BoysThursdayJune 8th5:30-7:00 PM Field 8

Girls Open Trainings

Birth YearGenderDayDateTimeField
2016GirlsTuesdayJune 6th5:30-7:00 PM Field 1
2015GirlsTuesdayJune 6th7:00-8:30 PMField 1
2014GirlsMondayJune 5th5:30-7:00 PMField 6
2013GirlsMondayJune 5th5:30-7:00 PMField 8
2012GirlsMondayJune 5th5:30-7:00 PMField 7
2011GirlsThursdayJune 8th5:30-7:00 PMField 1
2010GirlsThursdayJune 8th7:00-8:30 PM Field 2
2009GirlsThursdayJune 8th7:00-8:30 PMField 6
2008GirlsTuesdayJune 6th7:00-8:30 PMField 6
2007GirlsTuesdayJune 6th5:30-7:00 PM Field 6
2005/2006GirlsThursdayJune 8th7:00-8:30 PM Field 7