TKO Premier SC Tryouts

2021-2022 Season

TKO Premier SC will hold in-person tryouts on Saturday, June 12th.

Our registration this season will be done using GotSport, which is a new platform. Even if you have used GotSoccer in the past, you will need to set up a new account for yourself as the parent, and then for your player(s) in GotSport. After you complete the tryout registration, you will receive an email confirmation.

For anyone that has not yet registered online, please arrive at the field at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tryout time to register in person.

Boys Tryouts

Birth YearAge GroupTimeField
2014u88am - 10am4
2013u91pm - 3pm8
2012u103pm - 5pm5
2011u118am - 10am9
2010u123pm - 5pm8
2009u1310am - 12pm9
2008u141pm - 3pm9
2007u158am - 10am8
2006u161pm - 3pm5
2005u173pm - 5pm5
2004u1810am - 12pm5
2003u193pm - 5pm4

Girls Tryouts

Birth YearAge GroupTimeField
2014u88am - 10am4
2013u91pm - 3pm8
2012u108am - 10am4
2011u1110am - 12pm4
2010u1210am - 12pm8
2009u1310am - 12pm4
2008u141pm - 3pm4
2007u158am - 10am5
2006u1610am - 12pm5
2005u173pm - 5pm4
2004u183pm - 5pm9

Negative Covid Test Required for Tryouts

When you check your player in on the day of tryouts, please bring proof of a negative COVID test dated on or after 6/5/21, OR a provider note that your player has recovered from COVID in the last 3 months, OR proof of full vaccination.  Our volunteers will need to see one of these things (a photo or electronic is fine) at check-in. Please DO NOT send this in before tryouts as it will be part of our check in process. This requirement is for birth years 2003-2008 ONLY.  Testing can be done anywhere that is convenient for you.


Guidelines from our State governing body regarding COVID testing

Pursuant to the most recent MDHHS Gatherings and Face Mask Order, the weekly testing requirement (SARS-CoV-2) of unvaccinated athletes (ages 13-19) is still required for participation in organized sports, including youth (club) soccer. The Order, effective June 1, 2021, has been extended through July 1, 2021. Thus, unvaccinated participants (ages 13-19) can only participate in organized sports with proof of a negative diagnostic test (antigen or RT-PCR) on at least a weekly basis. Fully vaccinated persons are not subject to these weekly testing requirements, unless they have COVID-19-like symptoms. ‘Fully vaccinated persons’ means persons for whom at least two weeks has passed after receiving the final dose of an FDA-approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, participants who have recovered from confirmed COVID-19 in the past three months (and who remain symptom-free) are also not subject to the weekly testing requirements, if they can provide the appropriate ‘proof’ or doctor’s letter as described in the MDHHS Interim Guidance for Athletics.

Tryout registration assistance

Please use the this help article from GotSport to walk through the steps to set up your Got Sport account and register your player(s):

Registration Help


Please select the playing group that corresponds to your player's birth year:

    • U8         2014
    • U9         2013
    • U10       2012
    • U11        2011
    • U12       2010
    • U13       2009
    • U14       2008
    • U15       2007
    • U16       2006
    • U17       2005
    • U18       2004
    • U19       2003

You may select one age group/birth year older in your registration, if your player has been approved to play up an age group.

If you have questions on the registration process that are not addressed in the article above, please reach out to our Club Registrar Lea Hammond.

Other questions can be answered by any of the directors below: