TKO Premier SC Tryouts

2022-2023 Season

TKO Premier SC will hold in-person tryouts on Saturday, June 11th at the
Kalamazoo Soccer Complex on Drake Road.

Online Tryout Registration is now closed. If your player still needs to register for tryouts, please arrive at least 40 minutes prior to their tryout tomorrow so that you can register them in person.


Si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita información adicional, contacte a Heather Cañenguez -

Boys Tryouts

Birth YearGenderAge GroupFieldTime
2015BoysU08Field 98:00 AM
2014BoysU09Field 55:00 PM
2013BoysU10Field 88:00 AM
2012BoysU11Field 410:00 AM
2011BoysU12Field 810:00 AM
2010BoysU13Field 93:00 PM
2009BoysU14Field 48:00 AM
2008BoysU15Field 53:00 PM
2007BoysU16Field 58:00 AM
2006BoysU17Field 83:00 PM
2005BoysU18Field 45:00 PM
2004/2005Boysu19Field 45:00 PM

Girls Tryouts

Birth YearGenderAge GroupFieldTime
2015GirlsU08Field 108:00 AM
2014GirlsU09Field 1010:00 AM
2013GirlsU10Field 101:00 PM
2012GirlsU11Field 910:00 AM
2011GirlsU12Field 91:00 PM
2010GirlsU13Field 43:00 PM
2009GirlsU14Field 51:00 PM
2008GirlsU15Field 510:00 AM
2007GirlsU16Field 41:00 PM
2006GirlsU17Field 81:00 PM
2005GirlsU18Field 95:00 PM
2004GirlsU19Field 85:00 PM

Please use this help article from GotSport to walk through the steps to set up your GotSport account and register your player(s):

Registration Help


Please select the playing group that corresponds to your player's birth year:

  • U8 2015
    U9 2014
    U10 2013
    U11 2012
    U12 2011
    U13 2010
    U14 2009
    U15 2008
    U16 2007
    U17 2006
    U18 2005
    U19 2004

You may select one age group/birth year older in your registration if your player has been approved to play up an age group.

If you have questions on the registration process that are not addressed in the article above, please reach out to our Club Registrar Lea Hammond.

Other questions can be answered by any of the directors below: