Replacement Orders:

The first is for people who ordered uniform kits already, and now want/need to order additional uniform kit items. This link will be live until October 1st. This allows a family to order uniform tops, training tops, shorts or socks - either replacement or additional.

New Orders:

This link is for anyone who did NOT order a uniform in the first round. This applies primarily to the 2004 boys white and 2003 boys blue teams - most of you will not need this link. This link will be live until October 1st. If a family is not sure if they previously ordered, they can check their registrations in TeamSnap to confirm.

Orders issues:

If a family is missing anything from their initial order, they should contact Mike Willis (only) at TSPP. Mike's email is mike@tsprintingplus.com. Emails should include:

  • Club:
  • Player Name:
  • Person who placed the order:
  • Team:
  • Coach's Name:
  • Issue:

If you are asked by Mike to drop off any item at TSPP.  Please include a print out of the correspondence with Mike along with the items you are dropping off.