2020 Spring Credit

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2020 Spring Credit/Refund

Given our unprecedented circumstances, we want to be fair and understanding regarding the club fees which you have paid and offer you options with what to do with those funds given the services which you invested in were interrupted outside of our control. Please be aware that some of the funds have already been allocated for contracted services. After several weekly meetings since the onset of the virus, the TKO Board of Directors have decided on the following breakdown regarding your investment.

Director's Academy$1,100$225
Premier (Fall/Spring)$1,350$250
Premier (Spring)$850$400
National League (Spring)$900$425

Given the above table, there are three options for you regarding credit/refund:

  1. Donate funds back to the club as a taxable donation to a 501(c)(3) organization. (**Please note, this is also the default option.)
  2. Apply funds towards a credit for 2020-2021 season
  3. Refund check

To select your preferred option, select the button below and complete the information requested on the form.

**Please note, if no response is selected by June 12, 2020, the default will be a donation to the club.