Tryouts FAQ

Do players need to register for tryouts?

Yes, all players must register for tryouts. Registering online prior to 7:00 pm the night before tryouts is highly recommend. Registering online creates accurate player lists for coaching evaluators and makes check-in much smoother for your player on the day of tryouts. Players that do not register online, should arrive 45 minutes prior to their scheduled tryout time to register in person.

How early should Players arrive for their tryout?

We recommend that players that have registered online prior to the day of tryouts, arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled tryout time to complete check-in, receive their tryout shirt, and warm up. Players that do not register online, should arrive 45 minutes prior to their scheduled tryout time to register in person.

What should Players wear to tryout?

Players should wear soccer shorts, soccer cleats, soccer socks, and shinguards. Players will be provided a tryout shirt with a tryout number that they will need to wear during their tryout. This is there shirt to keep.

What should Players bring to tryouts?

Players should equipped to play as previously stated .  Players should also bring the correct size ball, a size 4 for U8-U12 and a size 5 for U13-U19.  They should also bring a full water bottle.

What if my child can't make tryouts?

Tryouts take place on June 11 and 12 this year, but life doesn't stop just because of them. Whether you have a vacation already planned, a last-minute family thing, or an injury, the inability to attend tryouts doesn't mean you're out of luck for the 2022-23 soccer season.

Contact the coach to set up alternate plans to try out, either before June 11 and 12 or after.

Are players placed on teams the day of Tryouts?

Yes, in most cases players will be told if they are selected for a team at the end of their tryout session. In rare cases there may be a delay in this process, but all players will received notification within the first 24-48 hours.

Is there a fee for Tryouts?

There is no fee for Tryouts. If your player is offered a roster spot, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit to accept the position.  For WMYSA and Supplemental Teams (8th Graders), that deposit is $100, for Directors Academy, Premier and National League Teams, that deposit is $200. Fees and payment plans can be found under player resources.

What are your fees?

There are 3 types of fees for TKO Premier SC:

  1. Club Fees
  2. Team Fees
  3. Uniform Fees

The amount of Club Fees and Team Fees will vary by age group and level of play for the team. 

Does TKO Premier SC have a refund policy?

The player deposit is non-refundable. TKO Premier SC will work with families that have extenuating circumstances on an individual basis. 

I am having problems registering my player, what do I do?

Please use this help article from GotSport to walk through the steps to set up your GotSport account and register your player(s):

Registration Help

What Age group do I register my Player for?

Please select the playing group that corresponds to your Player's birth year:

  • U8   2015
    U9   2014
    U10   2013
    U11   2012
    U12   2011
    U13   2010
    U14   2009
    U15   2008
    U16   2007
    U17   2006
    U18   2005
    U19   2004
Can my player tryout up an age group?

You should contact the coach of the age group you want to tryout for, if the Coach approves of it, you may select one age group/birth year older during tryout registration.

Do you offer scholarships?

Every year, the TKO Premier SC hold a number of events to raise money for the TKO Premier Scholarship Fund, as a non-profit club we look to allow players to participate who would otherwise not be able to afford the club dues.

The application for scholarship is available here.

Can I request my child play with a specific friend?

There are a host of reasons a child chooses to play travel soccer. For some, it's competition-based—they want to play on the best team possible to prepare for a future high school and/or college team.

For others, especially at the younger ages, it's more social. TKO Premier SC are happy to foster any environment your child would feel more comfortable in, and will readily accommodate friend requests when possible. 

Who do I contact if I have other questions?

If you have questions on the registration process that are not addressed in the article above, please reach out to our Club Registrar Lea Hammond.

Other questions can be answered by any of the directors below: