TKO Premier SC is proud to announce U13 through U19B blue and some select white teams, both
boys and girls, will be playing in the E64 Regional League (RL) for the 2024/2025 season. This will provide our teams with a new and exciting opportunity for high level competition and more exposure to college soccer coaches. Youth soccer is an ever-changing landscape and we want to continue to offer the best possible soccer experience for our players and teams of both genders. Being a member of this program will continue to set us apart as one of the
top clubs in MI!

The E64 RL is a club-centric league with access to E64, NLC PRO National Playoffs, and USYS National Championship Series. It is split up into divisions based on clubs' geographic locations. The girls will play in the Midwest Division and the boys will play in the Great Lakes Division of USYS National League. The new alignment of clubs will reduce overall travel and allow families with multiple players in these age groups to always see their children play without having to split the family in different locations. The typical schedule for a weekend will be: all TKO teams play one club at each age group back-to-back at one location on Saturday and then play another club on Sunday.

If there are any other questions please reach out to Rich Labadie, Director of Coaching, rich.labadie@tkopremier.org or 269-491-0861.

E64 RL Girls staff

Neil Ridgway
Rich Labadie
Doug Raak
Jake Remington

E64 RL Boys staff

Brian Clements
Doug Raak
Issam Shakkalo
Brenden Groggel

E64 Regional FAQs