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The TKO Way...

At TKO Premier SC, our main objective is to develop our club into one of the most elite clubs in Michigan and in our region. The curriculum allows us to reach our player development goals and objectives, which gives us direction in producing exceptional soccer players. We are teaching all of our players in our club, from the youngest ages, to play soccer with the emphasis on keeping the ball, as well as using possession to control the rhythm and tempo of a match. 

Each coach's goal is to foster individual and collective growth. Coaches are focused on the process of improvement and supporting players in their soccer journey through the 'Four pillars of Soccer Coaching'.

Four Pillars of Soccer Coaching


dribbling, passing/receiving, shooting/serving, and first touch    


Making split-second decisions that allow players to be successful with and without possession of the ball.  


Emphasis on using explosive, controlled movements repeatedly in trainings and matches.  


Preparing players to deal with the stressors of the game. 

Coaching Objectives

  • Emphasis on the four pillars of soccer: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological.
  • Continuous growth and development as a coach through coaching education, certifications, licensing, and personal reflection.
  • Bring passion and energy to all trainings and games.
  • Foster a life-long love for the game of soccer and physical activity.
  • Model integrity, humility, sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork and commitment.
  • Support each player to maximize their potential to play at the highest level(College, Semi-Professional, Professional, etc.).
  • Balance in use of deliberate technical practice with use of small sided open play. 


TKO Premier SC Player Development Plan

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Level 1 - TKO Juniors  (u4-u9)

  • Initial introduction to the ball. Training is all games with the emphasis on fun, basic ball control and physical movements. 
  • 3 tiers of play: u3-u4 (TKO Super Minis), u5-u6 (TKO Minis), u7-u9 (TKO Juniors)

Level 2 - Directors Academy Prep (u9-u10)

  • Main focus of the training is technical with 1v1 emphasis. Team tactics are introduced in this stage.
  • Multiple teams participating in different levels of WMYSA

Level 3 - Directors Academy (u11-u12)

  • Training structure still has a technical focus with a balance of tactical aspects to the training.
  • 2 potential tiers of play: Directors Academy or WMYSA

Level 4 - Intermediate (u13-u14)

  • Training takes a technical and tactical balance at this stage. Players are going through puberty so physically will be varied.
  • 3 potential tiers of play: National League, MSPSL, or WMYSA

Level 5 - Advanced (u15-u18)

  • Training has all 4 pillars as the focus: tactical, technical, physical and psychological. 
  • 3 potential tiers of play: National League, MSPSL, or WMYSA