Financial Assistance

TKO Premier SC is proud to offer Player Assistance Scholarships to help families afford club fees.



Applications are DUE by August 1 for fall and spring teams. After tryouts, a link will be added here to submit applications.

Financial Assistance Policy

TKO Premier SC may provide financial assistance, to those families requesting it, on a case-by-case basis. A $150 non-refundable player deposit must be paid before the application for assistance can be reviewed by the board of TKO Premier SC. Any team fees or other miscellaneous costs associated with playing for TKO Premier SC will be the responsibility of the player and family.

A sampling of the situations that would qualify for financial assistance is listed below.

  • Low income family
  • A large family that is unable to fully fund all of children’s activities
  • Parent(s) on disability
  • Parent(s) on medical leave
  • Parent(s) unemployed
  • A demonstrated financial hardship

For those players receiving financial assistance that does not cover the remainder of the fee due, arrangements can be made for the remainder of the TKO Premier SC club fee to be paid over the course of the season.

Volunteer Requirement

TKO Premier SC requires recipients of financial assistance to assist the Club for a few hours during our annual club events. Families must volunteer at two of our three club events each season. The three annual events are as follows:

Our Volunteer Coordinator will be reaching out requesting that scholarship recipients sign-up for volunteer slots prior to each event. If a family fails to fulfill the volunteer requirement, they will not be eligible for the full awarded amount for the next season.

Financial Assistance Procedure

Financial assistance requests must be made by filling out and submitting the TKO Premier SC Player Assistance Request Application Form online. Any documentation that will support your request should be included with the form. 2022 IRS tax documents must also be submitted for consideration.

Only requests that are complete, have the player’s deposit paid, and the form(s) submitted or online, will be considered. Once a request has been received, the TKO Premier SC board of directors will review the information and vote on the request. The financial assistance request is confidential. Once a decision has been made, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible.

All aid requests (for both fall and spring seasons) must be submitted by the August 1st deadline.  Any request received after that date will not be reviewed and the player will be responsible for the entire fee.
  You must submit a request, even if you received financial aid in the past.