TKO Field Fund

TKO Field Fund - Fundraising Campaign

Our Objective: TKO Owned Facility & Fields

Currently, TKO Premier partners with the Kalamazoo Soccer Complex, the Dome Sports Center, Soccerzone and other local facilities for our teams to train and play games during the fall, winter, and spring. The cost of renting these fields is our largest annual expense and we are often restricted to availability of the fields. With the continued rising costs of these facilities, it is time to invest in our TKO Field Fund Campaign! 

We are embarking on a multi-year & multi-phase campaign to build our own facilities.

As we begin our Field Fund Campaign, we have identified the following Phases to get the ball rolling: 

  • Phase 1: Identify & purchase vacant land for practice fields
  • Phase 2: Build an indoor facility 
  • Phase 3: Build outdoor turf fields
  • Phase 4: Lights for extended use of fields, paved parking lot, outdoor concession stand / Bathroom

Please note: Phases are subject to change as we move through the construction process.


Field Study #1

Field Study #1 - This rendering shows a smaller piece of property used to house an indoor facility in addition to one full sized outdoor field.

Field Study #2

Field Study #2 - This rendering shows 16 acres that is a potential opportunity for the club to purchase.

Field Study #3

Field Study #3 - This is what our vision would look like with 30+ acres.

Fundraising Campaign Goal

Our initial fundraising goal is to raise $1M - $2M over 18 months to start Phase 1.

  • We have several plots of land around the greater Kalamazoo area that we are actively researching. 
  • These funds will cover the initial expenses of buying vacant land and the beginning phase of construction
  • TKO will most likely need to mortgage other construction costs as we move through the other phases
    (Dependent upon the amount of acreage that is purchased, constructions costs, etc.)

Timeline of Events

Screen Shot 2024-06-03 at 8.16.10 PM
Screen Shot 2024-06-03 at 8.16.36 PM

Ways to Give

  • Corporate Giving
    • Donate time and/or materials - construction, paving, landscaping, etc. 
    • Sponsorship opportunities
    • A corporate gift to TKO Premier SC
    • Founders Wall
  • Personal Giving
    • A personal gift to TKO Premier SC
    • Founders Wall
  • Fundraisers
    • Participate in our fundraisers
    • Attend fundraising events
  • Volunteering
    • Join the Field Fund Committee
    • Connect TKO with someone that is interested in supporting our mission / goal
    • Have a fundraising idea?  Let us know!
    • Spread the word & get excited!

TKO Field Fund Contacts

  • Casey Alger - Sponsorship Director & co-chair of the Field Fund Campaign (
  • Erin Visscher - co-chair of the Field Fund Campaign (