GK Academy

TKO GK Academy

TKO GK Academy provides our club’s goalkeepers with the specific technical, tactical, and mental skills required to perform at and above the level their team competes at. Our session topics scale in level of detail and intensity as our goalkeepers advance, to ensure that each age group is being appropriately challenged and instructed. As players progress in age and skill level, the training focus transitions from primarily technical to situational topics. 

Program Goals

The goal of the program is to supplement goalkeepers’ team training with specialized goalkeeping sessions to increase repetition of specific goalkeeping concepts beyond what team trainings allow for. Team training often gives a GK limited reps and generally gets little to no instruction - as the focus is understandably on the outfield players - which is why our GK sessions are so important. We get the chance to mold and strengthen the most important position on the field with coaches who have played it themselves.


Our sessions are built around our 7 pillars of goalkeeping:

  1. Handling & Footwork
  2. Diving Technique
  3. Distribution with Hands & Feet
  4. Dealing with 1v1 Situations
  5. Dealing with Crosses & Owning the Box
  6. Quick Reactions & Reflexes
  7. Mental Toughness & Intelligence

Parent Testimonials

“TKO goal keeper academy helped my daughter grow in her skills and confidence as a goalie! I’m so glad she was able to participate. She learned a lot and loved her coaches!”

“As Ali's coach and mom, I had a front row seat to watch Ali's growth. She was much more aggressive and fearless throughout the season and her reflexes and saving ability greatly increased. My son Drew is just learning the position and appreciated the opportunity to continue to grow as a keeper. I think Ali especially benefitted from having a focused age appropriate training and I love that both she and Drew got to learn with kids in their general age and developmental ability. Coach Cam and Coach Jake are super positive and supportive of the kids' growth and really challenge them.”

“Emma has always wanted to be in goal and was so happy to be given that opportunity with her TKO team this fall! I was happy as a parent knowing she was being supported and learning with the help of GK Academy’s coaches during the week. Each game I could see her confidence as a goal keeper increasing!”

“My son has really enjoyed being involved with the goalkeeper programme that TKO offers. He can't wait to get to training and sometimes he even wants to skip his 'regular' training and sneak into the GK training. The coaches are excellent and keep the players engaged in the activities. The ride home from training is always interesting as my son goes through all of the things he had to do during the sessions and he quite clearly has had a wonderful time with Jake and Cam.”

“GK Academy really improved our son's skills and confidence as a goal keeper. Worth the time and he really looked up to the two coaches.”