Neil Ridgway


Coaching Qualifications: USC (NSCAA) Advanced National Diploma, KNVB Youth Diploma, Coerver Youth Diploma, USC Futsal 1 and 2 Diplomas

Coaching Experience: I have coached for 35 years in the Kalamazoo area and all of those coaching years have been with TKO (with a few name changes)!

Playing Experience: I played at Bowling Green State University and then for 7 years I bounced around the country playing professional indoor soccer.

Why I coach for TKO Premier SC: It is the one club which identifies the correct pathway of development for each individual player. TKO is realistic in our approach. Some kids want to play in high school, some in college and some want to be pro players. WE can help them to reach those levels. We also know that some kids just want to play in a great club, have fun with their friends and coaches, and then maybe want to ‘try’ something else. We are able to assist all of those players and families. This is why I coach for TKO Premier SC.

Fun fact about me: Manchester United Football Club frequently affects the mood I am in! I love coaching kids. The 'beautiful game' brings people together from many walks of life.

Parent Perspective: “I am of the opinion that Neil is probably the best youth coach in SW Michigan. He is encouraging, instructional and motivating, (in the Neil Ridgway way), to all the team's members. He sees a player's strength, weakness and ability. Neil capitalizes on those when placing our kids on the field during both practice and matches. Like all great coaches, he teaches life lessons to our kids that they can use both on and off the pitch. All the kids and we parents appreciate his unique coaching style and ability to bring the best out of these young men as soccer players. And, best of all you can tell that Neil has fun doing what he does.”

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