TKO Premier 2020 Fall Return2Play Plan

We are happy to announce the state (MSYSA) has given the green light for games to start Sept. 19.  Yes there will be some enhanced COVID precautions, but we finally are getting to play games.

All game scheduled before Sept. 19 will get rescheduled or be cancelled, different leagues have had different time frames with the schedules, so this may vary among our teams.

We don't know all of the enhanced COVID precautions, but we do know that players will need to wear face masks on the bench and when they are playing on the field. We will need each player to fill out a COVID-19 waiver form and have all signatures before a player can participate in any games. This waiver will need to be printed out and returned to your team manager who will then turn into the club. Yes we need a waiver for each player, not one per family. Referees will not be responsible to be the mask police, rather they should be officiating the game. With that said, our coaches will carry the responsibility of making sure players are wearing masks. Please keep in mind that this part is a work in progress between league leadership, referees and club leadership. As more details are developed we will communicate those out so everyone knows what to expect. To be clear though, at this point; masks are not optional they are required.

Spectators will need to adhere to social distancing and masks according to Governor Whitmer's existing executive orders. This means if you have people from the same household they may be within 6 ft of each other, but your group would need to keep social distance from other pods. Also, all will be required to wear masks within the pods. What we don't know about clearly is the 100 person at an event, again when that is clarified we will let you know what to expect.

In the end, we are getting what we were all hoping to get for this fall. Everything is not ideal, but what has been during this pandemic? Please keep that in mind when we are enforcing the restrictions and/or you are questioning things. The bottom line is the kids will be playing again and in the safest manner possible given the circumstances.

Club Wide Fall Adjustments


  • Training times have been condensed to allow for greater transition time between training sessions.
    • 5:30-6:45pm for the early training time (will be adjusted by coach due to daylight)
    • 7:00-8:15pm for the later training time (will be adjusted by coach due to daylight)
  • Specific player drop off and pick up locations.
    • Drop offs will occur between Fields 2 and 3, by the AYSO building and the bathrooms.
    • Pickup will occur by Fields 4 and 5.
  • Specific Covid-19 “point of contact” is Rich Labadie. This is TKO Premier's contact for any known cases or general covid related concerns. Rich can be contacted at

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Adhere to the specific TKO Return2play guidelines above.
  • Drop off players between Fields 2 and 3.
  • Pick up players between Fields 4 and 5.
  • Understand that parents are not allowed on the fields during training to reduce gathering sizes.
  • Understand that it is the decision of the parents/guardians if you want your child returning to training and TKO Premier will respect all individual decisions.

Player Responsibilities

  • Adhere to the specific TKO Return2play guidelines above.
  • Arrive on time and go to your assigned field.
  • Wear a mask upon arrival to the field as well as when exiting the field after training.

Coach Responsibilities

  • Adhere to the specific TKO Return2play guidelines above.
  • Ensure training begin and end at the specified times and assist in players entrance and exit from their specific training space.
  • Wear a mask before and after training to model the appropriate behaviors needed during this time.
  • Have fun and make sure the training is still competitive and enjoyable for the players!
  • u8/u9 coaches, meet their respective teams at the drop off area to assist in the transition to the field.