TKO Premier families,
Thank all of you again for your patience as we navigate through this crazy situation.
During this time we have been working on several opportunities that will deliver soccer to your sons and daughters.  As a result of that work, we are very excited to announce a partnership with 6 other clubs here in West Michigan that will allow us to train and play some friendlies right here in our backyard. That means minimal worries about safety as we will only travel between GR and Kalamazoo. Also, the opportunity to keep the play all inclusive to all of our teams, not just some teams.  The state is trying to put together a summer league, but for only certain level teams. There is a group of clubs trying to connect for friendlies, but it includes travel to the east side of the state. Again, this West Michigan Club Partnership allows us to do all if right here.  We hope this helps you feel more comfortable about getting the players out there again.  Of course, this only happens when all of the medical experts deem it to be safe to go outside in larger groups again.
Finally stay tuned for some more announcements next week and check out our new website
Thanks for your continued support!!
TKO Premier SC Board of Directors