August 30, 2023


Dear Club and League Representatives:

The fall season is just getting underway, and MSYSA has already received reports alleging abuse or unacceptable behavior towards referees from team officials and/or spectators during affiliated matches. As a result, MSYSA is in the process of notifying teams and clubs of impending discipline or fines, pursuant to our rules. Complaints received stem from yelling or swearing at officials, aggressively attempting to confront officials, or otherwise engaging in an unsporting manner.

Be advised that affiliated coaches (and other team officials) are responsible for the actions of any individuals who may be reasonably construed to be associated with a team, such as relatives and supporters. Abuse of match officials of any age/experience is absolutely unacceptable and there are consequences for bad behavior and/or criminal behavior.

 Affiliated team officials may be fined, or required to post a cash bond up to $1,000, as a result of unacceptable behavior and/or referee abuse. MSYSA also reserves the right to disqualify, sanction, and/or forfeit matches for unacceptable behavior by any of our members (team officials, players) or spectators.

MSYSA implores you to use this time to remind, and educate, team officials and spectators on what is and is not acceptable behavior.


Thomas Faro

Executive Director