Dear Club and League Representatives:
On Friday, April 9, 2021, Governor Whitmer requested youth sports consider a suspension of in-person activities, such as practices and games, for two (2) weeks. In brief, we’re confident our affiliated clubs and leagues will continue their efforts to comply with MSYSA’s return-to-play (RTP) guidelines and associated risk mitigation strategies. As such, MSYSA is not mandating a statewide two (2) week suspension of youth soccer activities. Affiliated clubs and leagues may consider this type of decision, locally, based on conditions. Given the Governor’s recent request, MSYSA encourages affiliated clubs and leagues to check with their respective communities and/or local school districts on field availability over the next few weeks.
Participation in youth soccer across the state continues to be completely voluntary. Also, the MDHHS weekly testing mandate for all players (ages 13-19) remains in effect. Those unable to comply with our RTP guidelines and MDHHS Emergency Orders, are not to participate. Per the RTP guidelines, all players, team officials, referees and spectators must wear facial coverings at all times upon arrival to, departure from and during MSYSA activities. Should MSYSA receive reports of players not consistently wearing facial coverings over their mouth and nose, players intentionally pulling their facial coverings down, and/or team officials/spectators not wearing facial coverings, etc., the pausing of specific team/club activities and/or a statewide stoppage is likely.
At this time, MSYSA encourages clubs/teams to limit the number of spectators at games and tournaments to two (2) spectators per player. Clubs/teams should also encourage parents/guardians not to be on the sidelines during practices and trainings. In addition, the use of gyms and confined indoor spaces in not encouraged or recommended.
MSYSA further recommends against the carpooling of individuals to practices, games and tournaments with others from outside the family household, and large ‘team’ social gatherings at hotels and/or restaurants. Finally, group (team) photos should only take place when players and team officials are wearing facial coverings over their mouth and nose.
Please continue to monitor our website and social media platforms for updates.
Thomas Faro
Executive Director
cc.:      MSYSA Board of Directors